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Assessment and management of viral croup in children
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Croup is an acute respiratory illness that commonly affects preschool children. Although severe episodes requiring hospital admission occur in around 5 per cent of cases, the majority of children have a mild, self-limiting illness, which can be safely managed at home.
Marie Wright and Andrew Bush

Brivaracetam in the management of epilepsy with focal seizures
Brivaracetam (Briviact) is a new treatment for epilepsy, licensed as an adjunctive therapy in the management of partialonset (focal) seizures with or without secondary generalisation.
Steve Chaplin

Controversy surrounds NHS delays over commissioning PrEP
NHS England’s decision to appeal against the judgement ruling that it legally has the power to commission preexposure prophylaxis (PrEP) continues to hold up the introduction of an HIV infection prevention measure that could be hugely beneficial to individuals at high risk.
Roberta Ellison

Ensuring NICE’s strategy is fit for the future
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Professor David Haslam CBE has been chairman of NICE since 2013. A GP in Cambridgeshire for many years, Haslam’s gilded professional life has also included a stint as president of the BMA (2011–12), and as president (2006–9) and chairman (2001–4) of the RCGP.
Angela Dowden

GPs’ perceptions of AMR and antimicrobial stewardship
The authors present the results of a small survey conducted within NHS Kernow CCG to determine GPs’ awareness of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and antimicrobial stewardship and how this influences their prescribing decisions, as well as their suggestions on how antibiotic prescribing practices could be improved.
Michael Wilcock, Kathryn Wisner and Neil Powell

Management of obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome
Obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) describes the pathological narrowing and collapse of the upper airway in recurrent episodes during sleep. This can result in a variety of symptoms that markedly affect quality of life.
Prashanthi Ratnakumar and Ari Manuel

Pitfalls of prescribing suitably for athletes
My request to go on a field trip to Rio this summer for the selfless purpose of furthering medical and pharmacy practice was politely declined by the powers that be, so I remain stuck at my desk over 5000 miles away.
Rupert Payne

Refer-to-Pharmacy: benefits and early outcomes
Refer-to-Pharmacy is an electronic tool that facilitates rapid referral of patients from the hospital pharmacy team to community pharmacists. This article discusses the implementation of Refer-to-Pharmacy in East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust and the benefits and outcomes seen so far.
Alistair Howard Gray

Use of direct oral anticoagulants in thromboembolic disease
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Direct oral anticoagulants (DOACs) offer several advantages over warfarin in the management of thromboembolic disease. This article discusses their indications, mode of action, side-effects and interactions.
Matthew R Wilson, Kieran F Docherty and Roy S Gardner

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