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Apps for prescribers: how safe and effective are they?
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Medical apps are increasingly being used by prescribers to support their day-to-day practice. But with huge numbers of new apps becoming available all the time, and no formal accreditation process in place, how can prescribers assess their safety and usefulness?
Joy Ogden

Are private online GP consultations safe?
Increasing numbers of patients who find access to their GP difficult are turning to private online consultations for swift and convenient access to healthcare and medicines.
Kate Stewart

Cancer immunotherapy: should we believe the hype?
Immunotherapy – enhancing the ability of the patient’s own immune system function to fight cancer – regularly captures the headlines.
Mark Greener

Diagnosis and treatment of pelvic inflammatory disease
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Pelvic inflammatory disease can be difficult to diagnose, but delaying treatment increases the risk of both acute and longterm complications.
An Vanthuyne and Rudiger Pittrof

Digital technology’s impact on prescribing
In this issue we look at two digital developments of major significance to the prescribing community: the emergence of smartphone apps for prescribers and the rise in popularity of online GP services.
Rob Munro

Guide to treatments used for atopic dermatitis in adults
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Atopic dermatitis, or eczema, usually begins in childhood but adults can also be affected due to either persistence of symptoms or late-onset disease.
Steve Chaplin

Improving the management of testosterone deficiency
Susan Mayor reports from the UK National Congress of Men’s Health held in London in the summer on the latest research and guidelines on the management of testosterone deficiency in older men.
Susan Mayor

New guidelines from the European Society of Cardiology
In May, the European Society of Cardiology published updated guidelines on cardiovascular disease prevention and acute and chronic heart failure.
Steve Chaplin

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