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Diagnosis and pharmacological management of stable angina
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Coronary artery disease remains the leading cause of mortality in the UK but effective management can slow progression and improve prognosis. In this article, the authors discuss the diagnosis of stable angina, the medical treatment options available and when specialist referral is necessary.
Kieran F Docherty, Alice M Jackson and Roy S Gardner

Ensuring effective computerised clinical decision support
As part of our series on the NICE Medicines Optimisation guidance, this article discusses the section of the guidance concerning computerised clinical decision support and how clinicians working in general practice can ensure its effectiveness and safety at the point of prescribing medicines.
Oluwagbemileke Ojeleye and Yogini Jani

Idarucizumab to reverse effects of anticoagulant dabigatran
Idarucizumab (Praxbind) is a new treatment to reverse the effects of the nonvitamin K antagonist oral anticoagulant (NOAC) dabigatran if emergency surgery is needed or to prevent life-threatening or uncontrolled bleeding. This article describes its properties, efficacy and adverse effects.
Steve Chaplin

Implications of the Primary Care Workforce Commission report
The Primary Care Workforce Commission was set up toidentify innovative models of primary care in England that will meet the needs of NHS patients in the future. This article outlines the main recommendations of the Commission’s report and their implications, in particular the enhanced role of community pharmacy within primary care.
Joy Ogden

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Prevention and management of childhood obesity
Obesity often starts in childhood and if not tackled early, can lead to many health problems in adulthood. This article discusses the measures being taken to confront the problem of obesity in children in the UK today, and what primary care practitioners can do to help.
Angela Dowden

The role of primary care in managing chronic kidney disease
The management of chronic kidney disease has evolved in recent years and primary care now has an important role to playin the prevention of renal morbidity. This article discusses the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of chronic kidney disease from a primary care perspective.
Alison J Maycock and Christopher A O’Callaghan

Use of home oxygen therapy in adults
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Home oxygen therapy can provide significant health benefits in selected patients with chronic respiratory disease. This article provides a summary of the main types of oxygen therapy and the guidelines for their use.
Maxine Hardinge, Daryl Freeman, Sabi Hippolyte and Jay Suntharalingam

Will NICE’s quality standard for multiple sclerosis improve care?
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In January, NICE published new quality standard statements for the careof people with MS. This article describes the current management of multiple sclerosis in the UK, including the problems and challenges, and discusses whether the new NICE quality standard statements will address them.
Ann Robinson

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