Articles: 29.12 December 2018

Are pharmacists’ clinical skills adequate?

In this editorial, Rupert Payne, Consultant Editor on Prescriber, describers how the role of the pharmacist has developed and expanded to become far more diverse. 

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Treatment options for alcohol use disorders

In part one of our series on the management of alcohol use disorders (AUDs), published in the November issue, we explored the prevalence, harms and identification of AUDs. This second article looks at the pharmacological and psychosocial treatment options across the spectrum of AUDs

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Clinical skills training for pharmacists in general practice

Clinical skills are becoming increasingly important for pharmacists as they take on more patient-facing roles in primary care. In this article, the authors discuss the clinical skills currently taught to pharmacists during undergraduate and postgraduate training, and how this training could be expanded

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CAR-T cell therapy: personalised immunotherapy for cancer

Tisagenlecleucel and axicabtagene ciloleucel – recently licensed for the treatment of certain patients with leukaemia or lymphoma – are the first of a new wave of personalised cancer treatments known as CAR-T cell therapies. This article discusses their innovative mechanism of action, clinical trial efficacy, adverse effects and future place in therapy

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Thyroid hormone replacement: applying the Goldilocks principle

The Goldilocks principle, ie not too much or too little, but just right, is important when prescribing thyroid hormone replacement, especially in the elderly or women of reproductive age. The authors present the results of their multi-practice audit evaluating the monitoring of patients on thyroid hormone replacement in primary care

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Management of rheumatoid arthritis in adults

In July, NICE published an update of its 2009 guideline on the management of rheumatoid arthritis in adults. This article provides a summary of the main additions and amendments in the new guidance

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