Articles: 30.07 July 2019

Medical cannabis – the need for evidence

In this editorial, Rupert Payne, Consultant Editor on Prescriber, discusses the evidence for the efficacy and safety of medicinal cannabis. 

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Benefits and drawbacks of moving to biosimilar medicines

The recent introduction of four biosimilars to the anti-TNF monoclonal antibody adalimumab has raised the prospect of significant cost savings for the NHS. But what are biosimilar medicines, how easy is it to switch patients and how likely is it that large savings will be possible

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Barriers to prescribing cannabis-based medicines

Last November, the government moved cannabis-based medicinal products out of Schedule 1 into Schedule 2 of the Misuse of Drugs Regulations, meaning they can now legally be prescribed. However, conflicting advice from different authorities, sourcing difficulties and a lack of guidelines have meant that few patients have so far been able to access these medicines

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Targeting dyslipidaemia to prevent cardiovascular disease

Dyslipidaemia is a key risk factor for cardiovascular disease, and its identification and treatment is important for both primary and secondary prevention. This article discusses how to screen for dyslipidaemia and optimise lipid-lowering therapy to improve cardiovascular outcomes.

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Hypertension clinic drug choices: tips for pharmacist prescribers

In the second of our two-part series on helping pharmacist independent prescribers set up and run a hypertension clinic in primary care, Briegeen Girvin discusses the factors to consider when prescribing and monitoring antihypertensive drugs and statins

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Levothyroxine – not all tablets are the same

Most patients with hypothyroidism tolerate levothyroxine therapy well, but a significant minority are dissatisfied with treatment. Here, the authors examine whether this could be a result of intolerance to the excipients in the specific levothyroxine product prescribed or dispensed

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