Articles: 28.08 August 2017

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Administering steroids with HIV treatment-boosting agents

Co-administration of a steroid with an HIV treatment-boosting agent such as ritonavir or cobicistat increases the risk of iatrogenic Cushing syndrome and subsequent secondary adrenal suppression. This article discusses the strategies to help prevent this and describes how to identify and manage such interactions

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Efficacy and side-effects of oral contraceptives

For the majority of women, oral contraception is safe, convenient and effective, but users should be counselled about potential adverse effects and the importance of good adherence. This review discusses the efficacy, advantages and disadvantages of both combined and progestogen-only oral contraceptives

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Will the UK face an opioid abuse epidemic?

Prescription drug abuse, in particular opioid abuse, has reached epidemic proportions in the USA. While the situation in the UK is currently less clear cut, increasing awareness among health professionals and greater investment in services may help to avoid a similar public health crisis in the future

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